Apple Picking!

Hi Internet and happy Tuesday!

This past weekend I went out to Hollin Farms, to do some apple picking! This orchard is absolutely beautiful, but a bear of a drive to get there!


Hollin Farms is located in Fauquier County, off of Route 17 and basically on a mountain. It was incredibly windy when we got there but I guess that’s what you get when you go on the side of a mountain.


The apple orchard itself was the highest, next to the corn maze and dig your own peanuts, had some of the best views.


Once you got higher on the orchard, they had what looked like green apples, but didn’t look like they were ready to be picked. But look at these cuties!



After picking my peck of apples (about $15), I wandered through the leafy greens and sunflowers to check out the dig your own sweet and regular potatoes.


I chose a monster of a pumpkin, weighing in at 27 lbs and cost about $15, but it was totally worth it.


This place is so beautiful and I am so excited to return!



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