Birthday Realizations

On October 15th, I turned 21. Now, I essentially grew up in a tourist trap town where the fun thing to do on the weekends was to go ‘muddin’ and get drunk in your hyped up pick up truck. I was never really into that scene and much preferred spending my weekends at dance class or going to see movies. Since moving up to the NoVA area at age 18 in 2012, I have constantly been surrounded with the mantra ‘adults drink for fun’ and being underage and at least four years younger than anyone I knew, made fitting in a bit hard.
“Let’s go to happy hour!”
“Sure, but can we get a table? I’m not allowed to sit at the bar.”
Don’t get me wrong, all of my friends are super wonderful and always accommodating to their underage friend, I would just always feel like I was invited to things out of obligation.
I always thought of that turning 21 would solve all of my problems. I could go to all of these events and be apart of the jokes and the memories. But since actually turning 21, not only have I realized I don’t have much of a taste for alcohol besides wine and fruity drinks, but that being 21 isn’t automatically make me the social butterfly I sometimes wish I was. I’ve also realized that being legal isn’t really going to help me figure out who I am.
Okay, rant over.
Back to your regular scheduled program.

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