Slutty Brownies

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share a recipe close to my heart, the lovely slutty brownies! This is a dessert recipe I’ve been making for years, with lots of variations.

IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0175

This specific kind was made with Reeses’ PB cups and was SO good! Essentially, it is a layered brownie. It requires instant or your favorite chocolate chip cookie, something yummy to put in the middle, then top with instant or again, your favorite brownie recipe. My middle of choice is normally oreo cookies, Reeses’ PB cups, or regular  ole peanut butter, although my all time favorite is oreo cookies. It adds a bit of crunch and makes the brownies a bit thicker so you can cut them into smaller chunks. Also, be sure to bake as the chocolate chip cookie recipe calls, or you’ll have some goopy brownies on your hands.

Hope you enjoy them!



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