Holiday Gift Guide-Budding Chef Under $50

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day! As a budding chef myself, there are a lot of things I needed when I started cooking and baking more. If you’ve got a novice cook in your life and are struggling on what to get them, I would suggest anything from this list! And besides being good choices for new chefs, everything is under $50!

 Holiday Gift Guide

Grilled Cheese: Traditional and Inspired Recipes / Chef Kitchen Timer / Peppermint Apron / Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Cuisinart Mini Food Processor / The Soup and Bread Cookbook / Non-Stick Baking Set / Stacking Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers / Cube Grater / Marble Cake Stand

Do you enjoy cooking, and what are some things you would enjoy getting? Me personally, I would love a pasta making attachment for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, some new nesting mixing bowls, or a new apron!



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