Holiday Gift Guide-Men’s Gifts Under $50

Happy Tuesday y’all!

First off all, OMG TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE! You could say I’m a bit excited.

And in typical male fashion (mmm overarching male stereotype, isn’t that fun?) I’ve saved the men’s gift guide for two days before Christmas. Now, I don’t claim to understand men all too well, or how to find them good gifts.

That being said, for my men’s gift guide, I pretty much rounded up the things I would want as a gift if I were a man, or extremely androgynous. But let’s be honest, I could get behind majority of these gifts as me. Checkered backpack, obey beanie? Yes please!

Mens Gift Guide

Flight 001 Clothes Bag / Public Supply Notebook Set / Herschel Supply Co. Backpack / Triple C Backup Charger / Sโ€™well Stainless Steel Water Bottle / Native Union iPhone 6 Case / Phaidon Comic Cookbook / Delfonics Spiral Notebook / Obey Luxe Beanie / Braun Alarm Clock

Is gifting for the men in your life easy or difficult?



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