Flying Solo


Photo by Josh

I’m just going to start with, wow it’s been how long since I’ve posted?! I’m sorry you guys, but things have been cray. Working basically all the time, getting settled in, having a social life, etc takes up a lot of free time.

But I am back, focusing on CWH because it makes me happy and I’m doing things that make me happy now.

Let’s get back into it with some deep profound thinking.

I used to think being single was weird. You end up doing a lot of things by yourself, and friends only do so much with you before they get annoyed. But I’m thinking I finally hit my stride.

My perfect day with include a trip to the library or bookstore, seeing a movie, getting some dinner and a drink, then heading home for Netflix and ice cream. All by myself.

Don’t get me wrong, hanging out with friends and family is awesome. I love going to dinner with my parents, especially since we’re always on opposite schedules and it’s a time to catch up and hang out. I’ve made new friends who have complete opposite tastes as me and it’s been fun, learning about a different lifestyle than my own.

But to me there is nothing better than doing myself. “You do you boo boo” is my new favorite motto. Getting to do whatever I want whenever I want is such a freeing experience. When you go from being married to your best friend to getting a divorce from someone you just don’t care about anymore, to just doing you, is such a freeing feeling. Yes, there was a weird part when I felt like I needed to be with someone to make me feel whole, but that only lasted a hot minute and I’ve now realized that I don’t need another person to make complete because I already am complete.

Now I’m in that part of my life where if I found someone I really liked, sharing my life would be easy. I already have my own personality, my own social circle, my own life. I am no longer apart of someone else’s life instead of just someone sharing their life with me, and I finally understand that it’s sharing a life, not having the same life.

To those struggling with this, please take this to heart. You are such an awesome person by yourself, and don’t need anyone else to complete you. Being lonely can be a normal feeling, but fill those holes with hobbies, passions, or just anything you love. If you someone who seems right for you, don’t sprint to being in a relationship. It’s sharing, not being. You do you boo boo.



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