Hi Hello from Orlando!

I know, I know. Shame on me, scorn, I have dishonored my family. It’s been a while, I’m well aware.

But I’m back! Well, kind of. I honestly have no idea what CWH will be from now on, but I’ve missed you guys!

A little life update;

I moved to Orlando! I have a boyfriend! And a cat! I finally went to Disney World! I got a shark week tattoo!

11215880_1459827864332523_4731118886462465772_n 11542073_1464483497200293_5062236105601700427_n

I moved to Orlando June 13th, proceeded to spend all my time with Mason and Denny, found a job, quit that job, currently looking for a new one, going to a wedding in September, celebrated graduations and birthdays and anniversaries. All in all, it’s been a nice couple of months.

But I missed documenting my life (besides my trashy Twitter feed and aesthetically pleasing Instagram), and mostly, I missed sharing my favorite recipes and DIYs. Mason loves it when I cook for him and will pretty much eat anything so I’ve definitely expanded my horizons.

I would be lying if I said I would be posting regularly now, but I am going to try my best to put out something. Maybe this’ll work, maybe it won’t. I guess we won’t know unless we try, right?



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