Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For most people, Disney World is where they went on annual family vacations. When I was growing up, I envied those families. I thought that I was missing out on his huge magical thing that I would never get to go to. But the plus side of going to Disney for the first time as an adult, you appreciate it more. It’s a chance to be a kid again, be tall enough to ride rides, buy all the pins you want and not have to beg your mom for one more ice cream.

My boyfriend Mason actually works for Disney, so it was super convenient to just be able to wake up one day and just go. Since Magic Kingdom had block out dates for employees, we went to Animal Kingdom for my very first trip.

Animal Kingdom is SO cool! There’s an animal reserve that a ride drives you through, there’s ice cream (what Disney trip would be complete without ice cream?), there’s even monkeys in the middle of the park!






Obviously all I cared about was the Kilimanjaro Safari, where you are basically close enough to touch these super awesome animals. But there are lots of other fun things to do there too! We got there when they opened, did all the rides, got ice cream, and were done by 10am! Which was perfect for day drinking at home, because, what else do you do in the middle of the summer in land locked Orlando?



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Hi Hello from Orlando!

I know, I know. Shame on me, scorn, I have dishonored my family. It’s been a while, I’m well aware.

But I’m back! Well, kind of. I honestly have no idea what CWH will be from now on, but I’ve missed you guys!

A little life update;

I moved to Orlando! I have a boyfriend! And a cat! I finally went to Disney World! I got a shark week tattoo!

11215880_1459827864332523_4731118886462465772_n 11542073_1464483497200293_5062236105601700427_n

I moved to Orlando June 13th, proceeded to spend all my time with Mason and Denny, found a job, quit that job, currently looking for a new one, going to a wedding in September, celebrated graduations and birthdays and anniversaries. All in all, it’s been a nice couple of months.

But I missed documenting my life (besides my trashy Twitter feed and aesthetically pleasing Instagram), and mostly, I missed sharing my favorite recipes and DIYs. Mason loves it when I cook for him and will pretty much eat anything so I’ve definitely expanded my horizons.

I would be lying if I said I would be posting regularly now, but I am going to try my best to put out something. Maybe this’ll work, maybe it won’t. I guess we won’t know unless we try, right?



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Tumblr Incarnate



Photos by Josh

I love Tumblr. I won’t deny it, I’ve spent many a nights up on that site, cackling to funny things and having pastel hair envy. But when I met up with my favorite friend Josh for some photos, I couldn’t help but rock my Breaking Bad shirt and my favorite hat, which is covered with pizza and cheeseburgers. Because why not?

Also, RIP these sunglasses, that broke two days after this.



Flying Solo


Photo by Josh

I’m just going to start with, wow it’s been how long since I’ve posted?! I’m sorry you guys, but things have been cray. Working basically all the time, getting settled in, having a social life, etc takes up a lot of free time.

But I am back, focusing on CWH because it makes me happy and I’m doing things that make me happy now.

Let’s get back into it with some deep profound thinking.

IĀ used to think being single was weird. You end up doing a lot of things by yourself, and friends only do so much with you before they get annoyed. But I’m thinking I finally hit my stride.

My perfect day with include a trip to the library or bookstore, seeing a movie, getting some dinner and a drink, then heading home for Netflix and ice cream. All by myself.

Don’t get me wrong, hanging out with friends and family is awesome. I love going to dinner with my parents, especially since we’re always on opposite schedules and it’s a time to catch up and hang out. I’ve made new friends who have complete opposite tastes as me and it’s been fun, learning about a different lifestyle than my own.

But to me there is nothing better than doing myself. “You do you boo boo” is my new favorite motto. Getting to do whatever I want whenever I want is such a freeing experience. When you go from being married to your best friend to getting a divorce from someone you just don’t care about anymore, to just doing you, is such a freeing feeling. Yes, there was a weird part when I felt like I needed to be with someone to make me feel whole, but that only lasted a hot minute and I’ve now realized that I don’t need another person to make complete because I already am complete.

Now I’m in that part of my life where if I found someone I really liked, sharing my life would be easy. I already have my own personality, my own social circle, my own life. I am no longer apart of someone else’s life instead of just someone sharing their life with me, and I finally understand that it’s sharing a life, not having the same life.

To those struggling with this, please take this to heart. You are such an awesome person by yourself, and don’t need anyone else to complete you. Being lonely can be a normal feeling, but fill those holes with hobbies, passions, or just anything you love. If you someone who seems right for you, don’t sprint to being in a relationship. It’s sharing, not being. You do you boo boo.



Dear Future Me

Dear Future Hannah,

I’ve written and rewritten this about eight times at this point, mostly because nothing I say feels like it carries the weight I need it to. But here goes nothing;

You are awesome. Don’t let anyone ever say you can’t do something because you are a bad ass who can handle anything life throws at you. Life is going to get way harder before it gets easier but I want you to know that past Hannah is cheering you on, with pom poms and everything. She’s working on her splits, too.

I don’t know what our future holds, but we can totally own it. If you want to move far far away and forget this has ever happened, I don’t blame you. But don’t ever forget the life lessons you have learned.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to put yourself first. It’s not your fault, unless it actually is. Don’t think that you can’t do anything you put your mind to, besides maybe curing cancer or becoming president. But those don’t sound like fun jobs anyway, you’ve seen House of Cards.

The long story short is that while I’m still going through this turmoil, hopefully you’re out of it and living life to it’s fullest potential. Move to Austin, open that bakery, go to school to be a teacher, become a Starbucks barista, or a crazy cat lady for all I care. As long as you’re doing you, everything else will work itself out.

Now, if you happen to come across a cute, nice boy (or girl, who knows?!) who likes animals and binge watching Netflix, don’t run into it. You are your own person, and you don’t need someone or something else to complete you.

Be awesome, because you totally are.


Early 2015 Hannah

Throwing Back Hard on Thursday

Who doesn’t enjoy a good throwback Thursday?


Throwing back real hard to high school Hannah, courtesy of Trava


Throwing back to May (?) 2014 at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC


Throwing back to my 21st birthday last year

But let’s be honest, I’m only throwing back because I’ve been crazy busy with new jobs and crazy life stuff.



Sunday Stroll w/ The Wardrips

Happy Wednesday!

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity take some photos of my longest and bestest friend, Trava, and her beautiful family! So we packed up and popped over to Greece! Just kidding, we drove down the road to beautiful 30A, which is where all the rich people hang out. Needless to say, we darkened some doors.










I’m in love with this adorable family, and sweet Grayson turns 1 this Saturday!

S/O to Trava who totally let me keep these pictures of her!